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Oct 22, 2019

During this long distance healing session, Dr. Kaye takes a deeper look into her friend Gail's digestive complaints. Dr. Kaye and Gail discuss remedies to heal digestion and nausea. Gail finds symptomatic relief through Dr. Kaye's remote energy healing session. See more of Dr. Gloria Kaye's work at 

Oct 22, 2019

Dr. Kaye conducts a remote healing session with Gail, who has chronic nerve pain and sciatica. Follow along with this episode to gain insight into how Dr. Kaye alleviates pain through long-distance energy work. See more of Dr. Kaye's work at

Oct 22, 2019

Distance Healing Specialist Dr. Gloria Kaye explains her intuitive practice of remote healing. Dr. Kaye shares an overview of her experiences as an energy healer, discussing the difference between hands-on healing and long-distance remote healing. Explore with Dr. Kaye as she elaborates on her unique gifts and...

Aug 21, 2019

In this remote healing session, Dr. Kaye works on Andrew, who was complaining of foot pain.  

Aug 11, 2019

Dr Gloria Kaye explains remote healing and invites listeners to contact her for a private consultation or for a complimentary healing session on this show.